Explore routes into the hairdressing industry

Congratulations – you’re thinking of becoming a hairdresser! But where to start?

Below you’ll find info on the main routes into a career in hairdressing. Have a browse through, see which best suits your working style, personality and end goals – plus hear from those who’ve already walked the walk!

You can become a hairdresser through a number of different routes:


qualifications to be a hairdresser
Confident in the classroom? Empowered by peers? Then studying at college could be your bag.


how to become a hairdresser
Hands-on more your vibe? Sounds like an apprenticeship is for you – earn a wage while training on the job.

 PRIVATE TRAINING   PROVIDERS how to become a hairdresser
Looking to fast-track your learning? Private training providers can offer state-of-art facilities and quicker routes to get qualified.


how to become a hairdresser
Starting early?  Changing career path? Re-training? There are some more flexible routes into hairdressing that may interest you...

 Check these out: