Explore routes into the hairdressing industry

So, you’re thinking of becoming a hairdresser, are you? Congratulations on making such an awesome, rewarding career choice! Below you’ll find info on the main routes into a career in hairdressing. Have a browse through, see which best suits your working style, personality and end goals – plus hear from those who’ve already walked the walk!

Whichever route you choose, once you’ve earned your stripes the opportunities that await are both unique and exciting. This is the first step to #FutureGoals


qualifications to be a hairdresser
Confident in the classroom? Empowered by peers? Then studying at college could be your bag.


how to become a hairdresser
Hands-on more your vibe? Sounds like an apprenticeship is for you – earn a wage while training on the job.

 PRIVATE TRAINING PROVIDERS how to become a hairdresser
Looking to fast-track your learning? Private training providers can offer state-of-art facilities and quicker routes to get qualified.


how to become a hairdresser
Starting early?  Changing career path? Re-training? There are some more flexible routes into hairdressing that may interest you...

 Check these out: