Learn Hairdressing Via Saturday Jobs & More

Starting early? Changing career path? Re-training? There are some more flexible routes into hairdressing that may interest you...


The conventional Saturday job route into a salon does still exist.

You’d certainly be in good company. Many of the UK’s most successful people have spoken publicly about their Saturday jobs: the London Mayor Sadiq Khan worked on a building site, the broadcaster Robert Peston cleaned freezers in a frozen food shop, and guess what! The entrepreneur Karren Brady worked in a hair salon.

A Saturday or weekend job in a salon is not just great work experience, it can lead to you being put on a more structured training scheme, like an apprenticeship or training via day release at a local college or education provider.    

Some salons/academies offer day, evening or fast-track courses that can range from beginners upwards. These can be especially attractive if you’re looking to join hairdressing as a career change, and need to juggle family or other work commitments. The cost and length of such courses will vary, so reach out to places you’re interested in for more info.


Although not a conventional route into hairdressing from scratch, it is possible to enhance and improve your skills and qualifications as a stylist or hairdresser through ongoing training with or via specific brands, like Wella Professionals or L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

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