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Hello! Come in, have a browse and learn about the incredible opportunities a career in hair can bring. This is where you can hear directly from current hairdressing and barbering apprentices, as well as industry experts who started their journeys in this way, plus insight from salons and barbershops supporting young people. Hairdressing is a community and there’s plenty of space for new talent!

Intrigued by a career in hairdressing or barbering? Want to earn while you learn? An apprenticeship might be right up your street, but what exactly does it entail? Find out here.


Passionate, ambitious, soaking up skills… These apprentices are right on track towards a career in hairdressing and barbering! You can also meet their mentors – the trained industry experts sharing their insider knowledge.

 Lucy Hickson 
 The Boutique Atelier: Cheshire 

 Asha Lahel 
  KH Hair: East Midlands 

 Amy Dobson, Holly Kirkham & Izzy Robertson 
 Architect Hair: Leeds 

 Faye Clements 
 Hazel & Haydn: Birmingham

 Jacquie Smith & Katie Cook 
  BE Ironbridge: Telford 

 Yas Hassan 
 Joe & Co: London 

 Joel Etienne 
 Arkade Barbers / Westrow House Academy: Leeds 

 Jacqueline Kankam-Hoppe 
 Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair: London 

Take a look at the people below. They all started as apprentices – and now? Well, they’re working with global fashion brands, tending to the A-List, running their own successful salon businesses and educating the next gen. They’ve got the world at their feet. And you could, too!


Hairdressing. So, what’s the deal? The real story? Who better to tell it than people who are actually doing it?
And that, in a nutshell, is what this film is all about.

THE INDUSTRY: A Life in Hairdressing, documents seven hair professionals and their career journeys – from a high-profile session artist styling for Prada (Anthony Turner) and a boundary-pushing salon owner cultivating a massive social media following (Sophia Hilton), to a barber on a mission to promote cultural reform (Mark Maciver). You’ll also meet some influential experts along the way, whose daily lives are impacted and shaped by hairdressers like the ones in this documentary.

Hopefully by the end, you’ll begin to understand the immense opportunity, diversity and creativity on offer when you choose a career in hairdressing.

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