Anna Cofone session stylist 


Home: London

I love working in hair because... Of the diversity of jobs and projects I get to work on, which can also take me to different countries around the world.
My current job is… As a session stylist. I spend my time between New York, London and Paris.

Anna Cofone session stylist
My route into this world was… After I completed a diploma in performing arts. I had become fascinated by the world of theatre hair and make-up so I decided to pursue and take on an apprenticeship at Haringtons.

When I said I wanted to be a hairdresser, I was told... That it would be hard work!

If only parents knew that hairdressing… Is so rewarding. Aside from being creative and diverse, we also get to take care of people, helping to make them feel good about themselves.
My mentors are... While working in the salon it was Eamonn Boreham. Now I get to work with the amazing Cim Mahony at his beautiful atelier in Copenhagen and Cim has been instrumental in helping me think about my brand and how I want to develop that for the future.

It’s never too late to become a hairdresser because... There are opportunities to learn the craft via so many different platforms: through a salon, an academy, assisting big name session stylists.

Anna Cofone hairdressing
I love working within the music sector of hairdressing because... It gives you the opportunity to work across different platforms, from album covers and editorial shoots to music videos, performances and red carpet events. Every one requires a different approach. For example when I’m creating looks for stage, I have to think about the choreography and how secured the hair needs to be!

The three hairdressers who inspire me most are… Sam McKnight, Eugene Souleiman, Julien D’Ys.

Want to get started? Your first step should be... Learning how to cut and colour hair ideally through a salon apprenticeship scheme.

Make sure you… Practise your craft.
The most important piece of advice has been… You get out what you put in. 

You’re working with lots of people every day. Always remember to...  Listen, be kind, humble and attentive.

That one time, I saw… Eugene Souleiman working backstage at the Yohji Yamamoto show in October 2008. It stands out in my mind because it was the first time I assisted him and he was creating the most incredible shape; I can still picture it now and all the steps we had to do to achieve the look. I was so in awe. 

Anna Cofone session stylist

My career highlight so far... There are two: the very first music video I worked on, Born To Die for Lana Del Rey, and the look I created on Dua Lipa for the 2019 Met Gala, where the theme was ‘Camp’.

The best part of my day is… Seeing a vision come to life on set. 

My ambitions include… Doing more work with the wonderful Stewart Roberts and his charity Haircuts4Homeless, and developing a programme to teach visually impaired children how to do their hair.

I’m proud to be a hairdresser because of… The community I get to be a part of all over the world. 

Anna Cofone hairdressing


≠ Wear clothes with pockets.

≠ When assisting, set up test shoots to practise the techniques you have learnt. It’s through doing this that you can then start developing your own style.

≠ Never be late.

≠ Assist as much as possible .

≠ Be humble.

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