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Hello! Come in, have a browse and learn about the incredible opportunities a career in hair can bring. This National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve teamed up with our sister site Creative HEAD, bringing you insight from current apprentices, as well as industry experts, who trained via this route. Gather facts, hear stories and take away top tips to help you on your own journey.

Intrigued by a career in hairdressing or barbering? Want to earn while you learn? An apprenticeship might be right up your street, but what exactly does it entail? Find out here.



Download Laura Ott, Owner of Hair Ott’s handy guide on acing your apprenticeship

What do you think hairdressers do daily? Cut hair? Well, of course, you’re not wrong, but how about work on photoshoots with Prada and Chanel, create hair for avatars in the metaverse, cultivate a massive social following, launch their own business or promote cultural reform in the community? Because those answers are all correct too...

Chances are, what you know about the hairdressing industry only skims the surface and so, THE INDUSTRY - A LIFE IN HAIRDRESSING documentary has been created to open the door and let you delve a little deeper. You’ll meet some influential experts along the way and plenty of people whose daily lives are impacted and shaped by hairdressers like the ones in this documentary.

Hopefully by the end, you’ll begin to understand the immense opportunity, diversity and creativity on offer when you choose a career in hairdressing. Ready? Well, jump right in!

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