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Meet some of the eager fresh faces who are loving their first foray into the hairdressing industry

Nurturing new talent is such an important part of any hairdressing business – an injection of a fresh personality, future-guarding skills, the influx of new ideas, expanding your team in line with growth, but it’s also vital for the very future of the industry. This National Apprenticeship Week, we asked a selection of trainee and newly qualified hair professionals, what it is they love about their experience so far…

 Mia Mozley, Tuckwell & Co 

Hairdresser Mia Mozley
You are constantly learning every single day as an apprentice. Especially when you shadow different people, whether it be within your own salon environment or within your education, everyone works so differently so you get to experience these variations of stylists and learn different possible methods for doing things. You can earn while you learn, and you get a more varied experience than being at college, as you get to learn the reality of what it’s like working within the salon environment, getting hands on experience, as well as the education side of things.

 Becky Hare, Brooks & Brooks 

Hairdresser Becky Hare
I love the ability to learn in a space that encourages you to experiment, make mistakes and find your own style of hairdressing whilst providing support and opportunities that give you a solid sense of confidence. 

 Sianna Orange, KH Hair, Arnold 

Hairdresser Sianna Orange
I have always loved that, even when I wasn’t actually undergoing training during my apprenticeship, I was still learning from the people around me and I continue to learn every day. There’s always something to keep me busy. The support from the team has been overwhelming. I love working with them all and they’re always there to answer any questions I may have, keeping me motivated to always do better. I loved going to the academy once a week too, as the tutors always made the learning fun and were full of support and advice. 

 Brooke Air, Cheveux Salon 

Hairdresser Brooke Air
I love being a hair apprentice because it's such a rewarding job, you get to make people feel beautiful and confident in themselves. I really enjoy the conversation too because I love to talk! But my favourite part is getting to work with the best bunch of people in the salon, we are like a family. I love learning everything from different techniques to what’s in or out in the hairdressing world – the education I’m getting is brilliant.

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