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A roadmap to success in your hairdressing apprenticeship and beyond!

Whether you’ve just signed up for your hairdressing and/or barbering apprenticeship, are counting down to the first day, or have already begun, of course you now want to know how to make the most of your time training! Well, we spoke to some amazing apprentices already on their journeys and have just the insight you need to survive and thrive on yours…

 Millie Evans, Apprentice, BE Ironbridge 
My top tips for being an apprentice hairdresser would be work hard and you’ll be rewarded! The more you put in, the more opportunities you’re going to get and that’ll take you further in your apprenticeship. You'll be able to see everything the hairdressing industry has to offer.

I’d also say just be yourself and enjoy it. The more you enjoy it the better you’ll be.

But my biggest tip of hairdressing is to observe. I've learned so much from just standing and watching my boss and other stylists in the salon. I feel like it really helps you to absorb the reality of hairdressing and get your head around how to do things.

 D'Arcy White, Stylist, Jack & the Wolfe 
My advice for up-and-coming apprentices is patience, debriefing and to not overthink everything. Apprentices, please don’t be hard on yourselves. You are learning and not everything is going to be perfect 100% of the time. You are often your own worst critic!

I find that’s it’s also really helpful, after a training session, to talk everything through with my bosses, taking mental notes and jotting down bullet points, whilst it’s fresh.

 Brooke Air, Cheveux Salon 
My advice to all apprentices is just do your best at all aspects of hair and don't give up! Make sure you help your Senior Stylist in everything they need in the salon, keep busy – there is always something that needs doing and you should feel confident to use your initiative.

For example, if a client is sitting with their jacket, ask if they want you to take it and offer them a drink. Always have a smile on your face and be welcoming to all clients. I think of the salon like my house in a way – constantly making sure it’s neat and tidy!

 Morgan Bradley, KH Hair in Arnold 
My main suggestion is to be constantly open and soaking up information. Even when I’m not at the academy, watching all the other stylists in the salon means I’m always learning. I get great satisfaction from learning something new from the training.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions. I feel 100% supported by everyone at KH Hair and I can definitely approach them with anything I need to ask or say, and they will always help me.

Lastly, get stuck into everything! Not only are we taught lots of theory, but we’re also learning and doing practicals most of the time. Apprenticeships offer lots of work experience and that helps to improve you as an individual, which is very beneficial to your future. Personally, it’s also given me a great opportunity to improve my confidence and social skills with the clients, which I love.

Five Top Tips – Your Downloadable Handbook

Emmie Sheldon and Saffron Sindhu, apprentices at Francesco Hair Salon have created a handy handbook of their 5 top tips for thriving in your training and beyond, check it out!


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