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 Heather Purton | Senior Colour Director 
Age employment commenced:
Current age:
Length of employment:
11 years

What made you choose hairdressing as a career?
I’ve always had a flair for and interest in hair. It’s always been something I’ve been interested in, along with art at school. I think it comes from having unruly, curly red hair growing up and having to learn to tame it!

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route, rather than studying hairdressing at college?
I wanted real life experiences and I loved the idea of being in a work environment. Being at the heart of a busy salon atmosphere inspired and motivated me.

What were the good bits about your apprenticeship?
Being mentored by Daniel himself was so special. I made it my mission to run his fully booked days smoothly, multi-tasking client service and effectively being his PA. I got a buzz out of those days, they were character-building and helped make me the hairdresser I am today. Plus, I was fully NVQ qualified at a young age!

And the bad bits?
There were a lot of late nights perfecting skills. I constantly reminded myself that if it was easy, everybody would do it!

Describe your career path since completing your apprenticeship
I decided to become a colour technician, which meant starting out as a junior colourist and building a reputable client base. I reached the top level by being a perfectionist in everything from skill to communication. Instagram is a great tool for showcasing your work and getting new clients to put their faith in you, even before you’ve met them. Plus, it’s a fun space for my existing clients to become more confident in trying something different, too.

Do you think doing an apprenticeship has enabled you to make a bigger success of you career?
One hundred per cent. Throwing myself into full-time working, learning on the job, creating a name for myself on the salon floor at a young age… that was the best way to keep me motivated and hungry to achieve more. It also means I now have a ‘hair family’ in the salon, who always put my best interests first and help me get what I want out of my career.

 “Heather’s natural flair enabled her to speed through her training and progress rapidly to becoming a Senior Colour Director. Her infectious and warm personality has made her incredibly popular, she is a key member of the education team and a go-to person for testing any new products brought to market.” 
- Stephen Nurse, operations director, Daniel Galvin

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