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 Chelsey Barraclough | Senior Colour Director 
Age employment commenced:
Current age:
Length of employment:
11 years

What attracted you to doing hairdressing as a career?
It was always something I enjoyed and it’s creative. Textbooks and computers never interested me.

And why did you choose an apprenticeship rather than studying at college?
Firstly, you get paid while you’re learning – that was a major plus. Also, it’s more hands-on as you are working in a hair salon amongst clients.

What do you love about your career right now and what do you want to do more of in the future?
I love building relationships with clients and making them feel confident and happy with their hair. Also, I love helping the younger generation with colour choices and help guide them whenever they need it.

Do you think your apprenticeship has been integral to your success?
Absolutely. You learn on the job; working with clients from day one helps you mature and understand salon life from the start. It helped with my confidence and knowledge, which are two of the main things you need if you want to be a hair colourist.

What advice would you give to a 16-year-old considering their options?
I would say that an apprenticeship in hairdressing isn’t an easy choice, it’s long days and you’re on your feet for nearly all of it. So, it’s hard work but if you stick to it you will have a trade for life as everyone wants their hair done at some point. If you have the option of college or apprenticeship I’d choose the apprenticeship every time because the possibilities with in-salon training are endless.

 “Chelsey was initially quite shy but has the most incredible work ethic and commitment. She is very precise in everything she does and her attention to detail is second to none. She is a key component of the education team, commands a significant loyal and influential client base and is incredible busy within the salon.” 
- Stephen Nurse, operations director, Daniel Galvin

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