(LEVEL 2) 

This qualification will get you ready to work as a barber or hairdresser providing hair cutting, styling and grooming services for men and women

The on programme learning for this apprenticeship – equivalent to GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) –  is mainly through on-the-job experience within a salon environment, focused on gaining knowledge and demonstrating skills in several core areas.

20% of your working week is dedicated to off-the-job training and is covered by theory delivery, shadowing, mentoring and coaching at a college/academy or in the workplace.

Within the Hair Professional Standard two distinct occupational routes are available: hairdresser and barber.

As a hairdressing apprentice you'll be assisting senior staff while undertaking practical training such as booking in consultations, shampooing, conditioning, cutting and styling clients’ hair, learning about how to apply different colour treatments and finishes, as well as gaining optional skills in specific techniques such as perms, extensions and relaxing hair. 

As a barbering apprentice you'll be assisting senior staff while learning how to book in consultations, shampooing, conditioning, cutting and styling men's hair, as well as learning specific shaving service techniques and facial hair cuts.

All apprentices will complete the core skills and knowledge in Part One and then choose the occupational option route for either hairdressing or barbering in Part Two. All apprentices must then complete an end-point assessment in order to obtain their qualification.


Mandatory core skills and knowledge
for hairdressing and barbering 

You’ll learn the industry codes of practice and ethics, including time management, how to meet and greet clients, standards of appearance and the importance of continuing professional development, equality and diversity. You’ll be taught legal and organisational requirements covering the use of tools, equipment, materials and products, and you’ll also learn how to creatively assess the client’s requirements and conduct visual checks and any necessary tests. 


Mandatory occupational routes
for hairdressing and barbering (choose one route)



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