Photography by Ian Fallon

Andrew Cannon is co-founder of (and chief Ruffian at) Ruffians, the multi-award winning barber shop that launched in Edinburgh in 2012 and rapidly expanded across London’s menswear and grooming spectrum – from the youthful Shoreditch crowd, to the hustle-and-bustle and diverse melting pot of Covent Garden to Marylebone, which attracts a more mature and refined clientele. There is also a Ruffians salon in the menswear department of London’s iconic Liberty store.

Ruffians pride themselves on their quality haircuts, cut-throat shaves and customer service – staff are hand-picked for their exceptional skills and are carefully trained to guarantee clients always receive the same high Ruffians standard.

Says Andrew,

In spring 2020, Andrew created a new men’s hairdressing and barbering showcase, Ruffians LIVE, to highlight what an exciting, diverse, inclusive, creative and flourishing industry men’s hair has become.

Says Andrew, “We hosted the event in Edinburgh because the regions outside of London are often overlooked and we wanted to show that men’s hairdressing is alive and kicking all over the UK. Barbering is no longer the spotty younger brother of the glamourous elder sister that is women’s hairdressing – it’s a fully grown powerhouse industry!”

The evening gave an insight of what it’s really like to work at the top end of the industry – to show that if you push yourself then you can have a serious and exciting career.

Hosted by global barbering superstar Hayden Cassidy, who works in the Ruffians Covent Garden store, the evening explored the experiences of three Ruffians: Richard Tucker (Shoreditch), Laura Howlett (Edinburgh) and Andy Middleton (Covent Garden). Each had a unique journey into men’s hairdressing and shared the steps they took as they rose through the ranks of the barbering community. To add an educational twist to the evening, each barber demonstrated a few key skills on models, giving a few tricks and take-aways.

Says Andrew: “We were one of the early pioneers of the new barber revolution in the UK when we launched eight years ago, and after half a million haircuts we’re still not afraid to disrupt our industry. We are always on the look-out for talented, passionate and personable individuals to join our team. We recruit any level of experience and everyone we hire will go through the same Ruffians training, to ensure the same high service for our customers.”

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