Brent Mossop   
Owner of Bar Hairdressing and Bar Hair Ink, East London

Neither of Brent’s salons are on a busy high street location. However, Treatwell not only made him highly visible online, resulting in a steady flow of clients into the business, but the precious insight shared by his Commercial Account Manager Jess Goulding helped him make key decisions about his future direction.

“I wasn’t especially tech-savvy when I opened my salons, but I knew that I wasn’t visible on the high street (let’s just say my salons are a little off the beaten track) so I had to be visible online. To be honest, you can be on a busy London street for years and eventually people stop seeing you. Online opens you up to a whole new audience, but it also helps people see you through fresh eyes.

“Partnering with Treatwell transformed my business into something far more interesting and way better – particularly when it came to adding my second salon. Using data from online searches, my Commercial Account Manager, Jess, could see what services people were looking for in the area I was moving into, and it was clear I needed to offer beauty treatments, as well as hair. The verified reviews on my Treatwell listing also helped build client confidence in my second salon far more quickly and easily than I could otherwise have done.

“Treatwell has made sure my salons are visible and my team is trusted and this is what brings new people in. It’s definitely helped me grow my business.”

 Jess Goulding 
Treatwell Commercial Account Manager

Jess has worked with Brent for years. She reviews his business performance and is always looking for new opportunities to allow his business to grow and bring fresh eyes on his salons.

“At Treatwell we support our partner salons at all stages of their journey with us. Every salon has different needs, so in each case it’s important to us that we consult and establish exactly what those needs are and how we can help. By utilising data and consulting, we can identify opportunities and set goals – basically, do everything we can to set our partners up for success.

“I’d already worked with Brent on his first salon and knew he wanted to grow and expand so we looked at the demand levels in various different locations, helping him identify the right area for his second salon.

“We also looked at expanding his treatment menu because we could see that lots of people were looking for beauty treatments and so it made sense that Brent offered those too. The data we have at Treatwell is so powerful – we know exactly how many consumers are booking what and where, and we also measure performance across our thousands of partner salons. It means we can offer so much extra help.”