Finding the hairdresser = #CoupleGoals 

Why do we go to the hairdressers? To get a great haircut, sure. To gain a gorgeous, glossy colour, absolutely. But what about the extras – the chance to sit still and have a bit of ‘me’ time, an hour or so to chat with a person who listens, that moment you get when you look in the mirror at the end of the appointment and feel revived.

And a boost in appearance is far from being just about the way you look. A skilled hairdresser has the ability to increase confidence, change mood, express individuality through their work… and that’s why when we find the one, we are unwaveringly loyal.

 One in five Brits have been with their hairdresser for over 11 years 

 - the same as average UK marriage.*


Above and beyond being skilled at doing hair, hairdressers act as confidants, with salons a safe space to share moments of joy but also times of worry or sadness. After all, how many people outside of our families and friendship circles do we let get as close to us? Perhaps even speak to when our nearest and dearest aren’t the ones we can open up to? 

Tom Champan

Lisa Oxenham

Tom Chapman, barber and founder of charity The Lion’s Barber Collective, trains fellow barbers to raise awareness of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention in male clients. He recognised that barbers were in a unique position of trust:

“Hair professionals are highly skilled individuals. Not only can we transform someone’s looks but we are excellent listeners (if we weren’t we’d mess the hair up before we even started!). We have empathy, tact, people skills and appreciate the art of conversation, alongside being multi-tasking business owners!

“We are people’s friends but separate from their social circle and have the license to touch, which is very rare nowadays. People feel comfortable to tell us everything, and we listen. The connection and trust is very strong and we see people regularly for years so we are in the perfect place to spot changes in our clients, more importantly ask them the direct questions and then listen with empathy and without judgement.”

Lisa Oxenham, beauty & style director of Marie Claire, agrees:

“We are going through a loneliness epidemic and it’s getting worse because we are now living in an impersonal technology-reliant world. We crave the sort of human contact and empathy salons offer with every single appointment. Hairdressers listen with compassion and without judgement, and create a positive, uplifting environment at the same time as boosting self-esteem and confidence with a whole new look.”

The coronavirus pandemic-enforced isolation only amplified this need for a personal connection and its contribution toward mental wellbeing. As a result, the value of the hair industry is likely to be even greater in the future than it is now.

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