“We’ve never stopped changing things up and having fun.”

Can you imagine a high street without Toni&Guy? For 60 years this pioneering salon brand has brought “hair and fashion” to towns and cities up and down the country. It’s been exciting to watch it grow: visit one of their 200+ salons in the UK nowadays and you’ll be able to watch Toni&Guy.TV, read their digital magazine, use the Toni&Guy mobile app and shop online for Toni&Guy products. No wonder it’s the first – and only – British hairdressing company to be voted both a Coolbrand and a Superbrand.

So, what’s the reason behind the staying power? Toni&Guy opened their Edinburgh salon 24 years ago, and today it’s managed by Gillian, herself a Toni&Guy veteran of 23 years. “The training we get is second to none,” she says. “Everyone who works at Toni&Guy gets incredible access to education that’s updated every year to keep pace with new ideas. It means we’re always evolving as hairdressers and it keeps things interesting for our clients. Some have been with me for over 20 years and we’ve never stopped changing things up and having fun.”

Also helping to keep things fresh is Toni&Guy’s status as official haircare sponsor of London Fashion Week. This exciting partnership gives stylists the chance to work backstage with some of the world’s leading fashion designers, filling them with new ideas and energy that are then taken back to their salons. “It’s amazing to think you’re bringing the latest trends direct from the catwalk into your local community,” says Gillian, who’s been working at London Fashion Week for 15 years.

For a business that was started by two brothers, it’s great to hear that, despite going global, Toni&Guy still feels like family. “Doing what we do, we have a very close bond with each other and with our clients,” says salon Art Director Austin Shirley. “It’s why when you come to our salon, your stylist will accompany you on your entire visit, from greeting you at the door to washing your hair, doing your hair and making sure you’re okay for drinks and snacks. We’re always looking for ways to refresh our salon and improve every stage of your haircare experience. After all, getting your hair done is one of life’s luxuries – it should feel like one too.” | @toniandguyedinburgh


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