“We always say our clients arrive in a taxi and leave in a limo.”

At Bristol salon Noco Hair, you are The Special One. In a visit here, you’ll be taken not just to a whole new level of luxury and glamour, you’ll be elevated in every sense: hair, body and soul.

“Hairdressing is as much about how you make someone feel as how they look,” say co-owners Corey Taylor and Noel Halligan, who opened Noco five years ago, determined to go the extra mile for every single person who crosses their threshold. “We want our guests to step out of their hectic lives, leave their worries at the door and feel relaxed and indulged while they’re with us. We’re all about people feeling fabulous and looking incredible, inside and out.”

Noco’s soothing, Japanese and Scandi-inspired interior took a starring role in BBC TV show, Interior Design Masters. Fine Art graduate Jack Kinsey was tasked by Noel and Corey to create a unique, deluxe experience for guests that harmonised with the salon’s clean, sophisticated and bold brand image.

The resulting focus on care and attention extends into every inch of the salon, from the thoughtfully curated drinks menu to the abundance of live plants, a soft palette of burnt orange, navy and yellow and the in-depth conversations that accompany every new cut and colour. And it culminates in Noco’s indulgent Relaxation Zone, where a hand-painted tree and bamboo mural transports guests to a meditative space while they sink into their fully reclining massage chairs. Heaven!

The team at Noco know that getting your hair done is more than changing your cut or colour; it’s an experience that can build confidence and transform lives.

“The relationships we develop with clients are major,” says Corey. “Our clients are like family – we’re with them through good times and bad, through births, marriages and, sadly, deaths. And because they trust us so completely, there’s a safe space between us that means they can really open up and tackle subjects that they find difficult to talk about with others. It’s a privilege to be invited into their personal space and help make them feel better.”

Corey recalls a client who had been through chemotherapy and who’d returned to the salon for her first haircut after her hair had grown back. “We chatted about all kind of things during the appointment and at the end she had tears in her eyes. She said, ‘You’ve made me feel like me again.’”

That desire to help out clients and support the Bristol community is evident in Noco’s work with local cancer charity, Penny Brohn – Noel was inspired after giving one of his oldest clients, Megan, her last haircut during end-of-life care. As well as organising haircuts for patients, staff and volunteers, when clients book certain services, the salon donates a percentage of the cost to the Penny Brohn organisation.

“The Bristol community has welcomed Noco into their arms, and it comes naturally to us to want to give back,” says Noel. “We genuinely mean it when we say the Noco experience is about mind, body and soul.” | @nocohair


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