“Our clients are like family.”

When Frank Hession opened his hairdressing salon in Dublin in 1972, he wanted his business to make a difference. Having trained in Paris, he knew he could give his clients something new and exciting. And that mattered to Frank, because his clients were more than a source of revenue, they were members of his community.

Today, more than 50 years later, Hession Hairdressing is still pulling in the crowds, with three salons across Dublin spearheaded by Frank’s son Paul. And guess what: they’re still looking after the same families Frank did. “When your family business has been in Dublin for this long, you really get to know your clients,” says Paul. “We do entire families: mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and grandparents. One of our clients has never had her hair shampooed anywhere else!”

So what’s the secret to their success? Just as Frank brought international fashion trends to the streets of Seventies Dublin, Hession Hairdressing has always stayed current, investing in regular training for staff to learn the latest trends and techniques. The team are famous for their attention to detail and the award-winning five-star service they offer, and the salons themselves are beautiful and cutting-edge.

“People come to us for high-quality hairdressing, for sure,”” says Paul, “but it’s something more than that. We’re so deep-rooted in the North Dublin community. We create jobs here, we support local charities. Some of our staff have worked here for more than 20 years and they have clients who’ve been with them since day one. So, there’s a bond between us and our clients and a deep sense of trust that works both ways. You know that you’ll get your very best hair from us, and you also know that if you forget your purse, you can always pay next time you come in!” | @hessionhairdressing


Not ‘Just’ A Salon

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