“Hairdressers support people through life’s most challenging moments.”

At Charlie Miller, they believe great hairdressing has the power to transform – to instil confidence and beauty, but also to change lives.

Since Charlie and his wife Janet launched their first salon almost 60 years ago (there are now four across the city, run today by sons Joshua and Jason), this impeccable family business has believed in giving back to the communities they serve, helping countless local charities and initiatives – in the past 12 months alone, they’ve donated vouchers worth over £10,000.

“It’s part of our DNA, who we are, what we do,” explains Joshua. “Giving back to the community is being part of this city, being part of how everything works. We look after people, we make people feel good through our hairdressing, but it goes beyond that. It’s a natural next step for us to help people in other ways, too.”

In honour of former team member Cat Nicholson (who sadly lost her life in 2023), salon manager Amber and her client Emma Wood (pictured above) are now driving Charlie Miller’s partnership with a Scottish-based charity, chaired by Emma, that supports vulnerable young people in Malawi through STEKASkills, a centre where skills are taught that enable residents to run their own business.

“And together with our clients, who’ve bought the beautiful, beaded Christmas decorations made at STEKASkills, we’ve raised enough funds to kit out a hairdressing school and pay for a teacher to teach the students there techniques that will earn them a living in the future,” says Joshua. “We’ve also donated equipment, whether that’s gowns, scissors or even broken hairdryers, that graduates are taught to repair and re-use. This really works for us. We’ve been able to extend ourselves to support a local charity that wants to do something in our industry, even though it’s in another country. It's been so simple to do, but in such an impactful way – and all through hairdressing.” | @charliemillersalons


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