“Our vision incorporates hair, body and mind on an equal platform.”

Bloggs owner Joe Hemmings is widely recognised as one of the most caring bosses in the hairdressing industry. Having a daughter with learning difficulties transformed his approach to his team, understanding that people can only reach their full potential if they are well looked after.

Joe’s investment in his staff is all-encompassing. He creates tailored career paths for each individual; rotas include late starts or early finishes to fit in with family life; and he’s been closed on a Saturday for years. The team feel fully supported – and want to extend that support to their clients too.

“We’ve built an ethos and a culture at Bloggs based on improving people’s lives, says Joe. “As hairdressers, our job involves understanding people and taking a genuine interest that maybe only their partner or best friend does. We help them through good times, and also some really tough times.”

Bloggs care so deeply for their clients, they have undertaken intensive training to be able to offer advice on everything from nutrition to the menopause – wanting to help clients retain their identity, whatever they’re going through.

“Hair salons are the perfect places to do this because we offer a safe space to be able to talk openly about whatever you’re going through,” says Joe. “Our team want to help their clients in any way they can.”  

Such has been the success of the new services that Joe is seeking a larger location for the Bloggs brand that can double up as an event space. “I want to offer more to our communities,” he says. “In the future, Bloggs will be about more than great hair. It will be a lifestyle brand that partners with other local businesses to offer a full-service experience, including personal training, nutritionists, wellness practices, yoga and a healthy salad bar. My vision is to create a space that incorporates hair, body and mind on an equal platform. I feel we owe it to our clients." | @bloggssalons


Not ‘Just’ A Salon

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