Two best mates with a passion for hair, Jordan Massarella and Ben Jones opened Massarella + Jones in April 2021, describing it as their “personality-filled, quirky little home from home where everybody is welcome.” Clients love it so much that the budding entrepreneurs moved to a bigger premises in December 2022!

What were your favourite subjects at school?
English Literature, Art and Drama were mine. All three allowed me to express myself and encouraged creativity.

Drama, Art and History. Growing up on a farm I’ve always used my hands to make things and find creative solutions to fix things up around the yard, so this is why I enjoyed and excelled at Art. Drama has given me the confidence to captivate an audience, whether that’s in a theatre, in the salon or in general life. 

Where did you train and how long did it take?

 Jordan:  I committed to hairdressing a little later than most, after my earlier career as a dancer came to an end. I trained at [Warwick salon] Nashwhite and being that little bit older meant I really knuckled down so I could be on the salon floor as soon as possible. It’s never too late to retrain and learn a new skill, particularly a trade like hairdressing – you’ve just got be prepared to start from the bottom and work hard.

I started an apprenticeship at Toni&Guy when I was 16, straight out of school. The apprenticeship itself takes two to three years but if you work hard you can get through it in 18 months, like I did. The training is pretty hands-on from the outset, and that’s what’s great about going into a creative industry: you never stop learning and educating yourself.

Describe your career path from that point: 
While still an apprentice at Nashwhite I won a national award – The Rising Star – and [fellow Nashwhite stylist] Ben and I collaborated for the first time, entering the L’Oréal Colour trophy together and winning the Afro Look Award. As a result, I was offered a place on the L’Oréal ID Art Team, which allowed me to develop relationships with other hairdressers across the country and gave me an opportunity to develop my creative skills away from salon. Meanwhile, Ben and I continued to build a joint client base, culminating in us making the decision to open our salon and build our own brand.

A year after opening, we already found ourselves expanding to a new and bigger location. It’s great to be in control of your own destiny and create a brand that reflects you and your future career plans.

Has anything surprised you about working in hairdressing?
 Ben:  The versatility within the industry and the different careers paths. Hairdressing isn’t just what you see when you walk into a salon. A hairdresser is behind nearly everything you look at: beauty, fashion, TV, film, ad campaigns, education, and much more.

What do you love most about what you do?
 Jordan:  I love working with my best friend every day. The relationships we’ve built with our clients are super-special and I love connecting with people on a level deeper than just their hair.

Any advice for someone considering hairdressing as a career?  
 Ben:  Lots of my friends did Sixth Form, then uni, got a degree and then jumped around different industries trying to find the career that worked for them. I have spent the last 11 years in one industry and explored so many options within it. In hairdressing you have the freedom to work independently or with household brands, compete in nationally recognised awards events, design your own photographic collections and build your own brand. It’s an incredible industry – the opportunities are so vast!




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