With leading London hairdresser Daniel as his father, Luke’s love of hair was ignited at the tender age of four when he would accompany dad to work in the salon. Fully qualified at the age of 19, Luke was one of the first salon-based hairdressers to also work as a session stylist, getting booked by the biggest fashion designers in the game. Now Luke’s pioneering vision has helped develop Hershesons into an exciting salon and product brand that reaches women in all four corners of the globe.

Which three subjects interested you most at school?
Art, Business and History.

Who or what got you into hairdressing in the first place?
My dad. I grew up in a salon, always loved the energy, loved the pop culture. I have never imagined doing anything else.

Tell us about your training
I learned from my dad, but I also did a three-month course at Sassoon and assisted everyone from Sam McKnight to Guido and Malcolm Edwards. Learning in a salon by watching is the best way of learning.

How would you describe those early years learning your craft?
A rollercoaster. A lot of ups and downs!

And how do you find hairdressing now?
I’m a hybrid of CEO, creative director, entrepreneur and session stylist, so the hairdressing part is like meditation for me. When I’m not running between meetings, emails and launches I find the actual practise of cutting and dressing hair very calming.

What do you love most about your role, and what are the downsides?
I love juggling different environments and different job roles. One minute you are a creator, the next a CEO, then a brand ambassador… The downsides are learning to create boundaries so the work doesn’t spill into the rest of your life.

Describe a typical day…
It’s more of a week!

Monday is finance day, meeting with my Financial Director and team to discuss financial strategy. 

Tuesday is my one day in the salon – I will see about ten clients.

Wednesday is my operations day, so I will connect with my managers, have lunch and breakfast with different people from my team, and check in with my HR manager.

Thursday is product day – this is when I film content for social, meet with our factories, check in with my supply chain manager and my digital team to see how the previous week performed and plan new product launches.

Friday I might be shooting with a celebrity or for a fashion brand.




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