Jack is the owner of Baxter South in Glasgow, a salon where the entire team is self-employed, juggling clients with creative projects. A colourist first and foremost, Jack is also in big demand in the fashion world, so he splits his time between home and London, showcasing his work on photographic sets and on the catwalk.

How did you get started in hair?
Hairdressing was always on my radar as my mum was a hairdresser but it really wasn’t something I had considered until I was desperate for a job. Let’s just say I was a slow burner! Once I was fully immersed in it I realised how creative and social it was and really the first thing in my life that properly held my attention.

Is hairdressing difficult to master?
At the beginning it was definitely tough, a lot of long hours and realising hair wasn’t easy to get right. But as time progressed and my skills with hair and people improved, I really fell in love. I’ve always been self-motivated so when the going got tough I kept my head down and just kept at it and it’s most definitely worked out!

Describe your role now
It has evolved a lot. I’m mostly colour-focused now working in different locations across the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to try most avenues of hair and even when it’s been a challenge I have taken something from it, eventually leading me to where I am now. In short, I am a salon owner and colourist catering to clients who know what they want, and it’s a challenge I love.

What has surprised you about working in hair?
The people. The human interaction and the relationships I’ve made along the way drive and motivate me always to get better. When I was at school I was always clock watching, time used to pass so slowly. Now I would pay big money to have more time in my day, ha!

Any advice for someone considering hairdressing?
Do it, you will not regret it – I know I haven’t! It wasn’t until I was a few years in that I realised how many paths you can go down in the hair industry. It’s literally a career with endless opportunities and THE BEST people!



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