She’s been in love with hairdressing since the age 14 – and we can see why. It’s a career that’s taken Harriet from the West Midlands to London, seen her win national awards, build a strong reputation as a colourist and educator all over the world – and buy her own home just two years after going self-employed. Go, Harriet!

Which three subjects interested you most at school, and why?
I was only ever interested in art and sport at school. Being dyslexic, I really struggled with staying focused on things I wasn’t interested in and found it equally challenging to take in information. Art was something that came more easily to me and with sport I enjoyed every aspect of it, especially being part of a team.

At what point did you think, hairdressing is for me?
I grew up in a family of hairdressers, but it wasn’t until I started training that I fell in love with hairdressing. I loved what you can do with hair and how you can make people feel but the biggest excitement was competitions. I still remember the day I went to my first hairdressing show, walking into a room full of people so excited and passionate about what they were doing – it was amazing.

How did you do your training?
I did an apprenticeship at my local salon in the West Midlands. This was the best option for me as I learn a lot from watching and being in real-life situations. I definitely recommend this route as you’ll have a better understanding of the industry, as well as what it’s like to work within a salon and look after clients.

Describe those early years…
I personally think the first five years of your hairdressing career are the most important – it’s where you learn all the foundations that will set you up for success in the future. Try not to rush this part; master as much as you can and never stop learning. I spent a lot of my free time assisting and learning from other hairdressers, doing photoshoots and entering competitions before I moved to London.

How did you get to where you are now?
I took all the opportunities I could! After moving to London I worked for a brand called Not Another Salon, who specialise in colour. I worked alongside my boss teaching other hairdressers and learning from her and before I knew it I was teaching my own classes! Over the last 13 years I’ve built up my experience, knowledge and contacts and in 2020 I went self-employed. I started teaching around the UK before landing my role as a global educator for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, which has been so exciting.

Describe your life in hairdressing
I have the most exciting role ever! My time is split between my three businesses, travelling around the world and teaching other hairdressers independently for my own brand, being in the salon looking after my gorgeous clients, and working on creative projects like photoshoots and educating for product companies. There is so much more to hairdressing than working in the salon every day.



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