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40 | Home: Yorkshire

I love working in hair because… It allows me to be creative but still run a business. I work with the most incredible people, my role is so varied it never gets boring and it really is the greatest industry in the world.
My route into this world was… Working my way from an apprentice in our family business (my dad had his own salons) through to gaining experience within the rest of the industry and working hard. Hairdressing is very rewarding but is also very hard work and you never stop learning.

Robert Eaton

My role is… Creative Director for Russell Eaton Salons, and Wella Professionals Technical Director for the UK & Ireland.

My day-to-day job entails… There’s no daily routine! Working in the salon, educating, shooting collections, working on brand launches with Wella, external training, creating shows… it’s incredibly varied. 

I love working in hair because… It allows me to be creative but still run a business. I work with the most incredible people, my role is so varied it never gets boring and it really is the greatest industry in the world.

When I said I wanted to be a hairdresser, I was told... Go for it! I guess our family is a bit biased so they all love hairdressing! Dad always told me to prepare for lots of hard work and dedication.

My first job was… In my dad’s salon. I worked on Saturdays from the age of 11 and I grew up around the salon environment so I loved it from an early age.
The most important piece of advice has been... Hard work and dedication always pays off.

My mentor is… My father, Russell Eaton, who has always supported me and mentored me in my career to date. I have been inspired by many others along the way too, I feel lucky that hairdressing is such a sharing industry, we all learn from each other.

I’m inspired by… My family and my team. My father Russell set the business up and his dedication and commitment to our industry and the salons has always impressed me. He’s gracefully grown an incredible business, and has selflessly shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with my sister Isobel and I. Something we will always be grateful for.

My most treasured possession is… Honestly I don’t put any possessions as overly treasured. Of course I have things that I like, but they are exactly that – they are ‘things’. Friends and family are the greatest treasures in my life. 

Robert Eaton

If only parents knew that hairdressing… Is the most fulfilling career you will ever find, that offers such varied opportunities. It’s not just about working in a salon, hairdressing can take you in so many different directions, you can travel the world and will have a skill for life in your hands.

Robert Eaton hair colour

It’s never too late to become a hairdresser because…If you truly want to achieve something, you are the only one that can do this. There is no set path that ensures a successful hairdressing career, it’s all about the timing in your life that works for you. 

Working in hairdressing makes me feel… Very content and fulfilled and most of all, proud of our industry.

Want to get started? Your first step should be... Find a salon that is leading the way and offers great training. Pull your sleeves up and be prepared to work tirelessly. The rest will come.

Make sure you… Absorb everything you see in your working day. Listen, watch and observe.

The best part of my day is… Being with my daughter Pearl.

You’re working with lots of people every day. Always remember to...  Be kind, respectful and appreciative of any opportunities that come your way.

My career highlight so far has been…
I have many, but seeing my dad being awarded the Fellowship Lifetime Achievement award was a moment I will never forget. Also being nominated and winning 2019 British Hairdresser of the Year was incredible.  

If it hadn’t been for hair, I wouldn’t have… Travelled to as many different countries and met so many amazing people.

My ambitions include… Developing my own products is next on the list.

I’m proud to be a hairdresser because… You can make people look and feel better every single day. Hair can be transformational to some people and I am always particularly proud when I work with wigs and hair pieces for people with hair loss.

Robert Eaton hair colour


≠  Work hard and be dedicated to your craft.

≠ Don’t get too wrapped up in everything on social media, the client in front of you is the most important person.

≠ Take any opportunities that come your way and make the most of everything.

≠ Practice, practice, practice.

≠  A positive attitude breeds success.

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