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38 | Home: London

I love working in hair because... It’s a constant challenge. I’m obsessed with problem solving and no two days ever present the same challenge.
When I said I wanted to be a hairdresser... My parents told me not to tell anyone. They were devastated. They didn’t think it was a ‘real’ job. I guess I proved them wrong.

Anthony Turner hairdressing
My route into hairdressing… Began as an assistant at Toni&Guy Stafford, and that’s where I qualified as a hairstylist too. Quite early on I knew I wanted to be a session stylist so as soon as I was ready I made my way to London, doing all I could to break into fashion. Eventually I became Guido Palau’s first assistant,  after I introduced myself to him in a pub!

My current job is… Session stylist and contributing beauty editor for Dazed. I’m also a lead stylist for shows at Fashion Week, including Erdem and JW Anderson, as well as working on advertising campaigns for labels such as Calvin Klein and Dior, and editorial shoots for fashion magazines including LOVE and Vogue Paris.

Anthony Turner session stylist

My first job was… Stacking shelves
in Kwiksave!

If only parents knew that hairdressing… Surrounds you with people that will nurture you, look after you and guide you.

Working in hairdressing makes me feel… Bewildered, determined, proud, loved, anxious as hell.
I love working in fashion because… Right now there are barriers and moulds being broken and if there’s one thing I love It’s breaking down barriers. It’s an exciting time to be working in fashion, there are seismic changes happening and it’s so exciting.

The most important piece of advice was… As long as it looks perfect, the rest is just a matter of opinion.

Guido Palau, Sandy Hullett and Jean Baptiste Santens

The three hairdressers who inspire me most are…
Guido Palau, Sandy Hullett and Jean Baptiste Santens.

Make sure you… Research hair from past to present, all of those iconic moments. Learn the rules... then crush them!

I’m proud to be a hairdresser because… I’ve been able to see places and people I never imagined possible. To come from nothing to where I am today is all because of hairdressing and a ferocious determination.

Anthony Turner hairdressing
A word of advice... Being polite gets you absolutely everywhere. Let’s remember the divas for who they were and leave them there. It’s kind of old fashioned to be vile.

My career highlight so far has been… Basically surrounding myself with people that make me laugh so hard every day my ribs hurt. And winning the Creative HEAD 2019 Most Wanted Award for Session Stylist was incredible. I’d never won anything before. But what really got me that night was all the other hairdressers in the room that came up to my table, saying ‘hi, you don’t know who I am, but I really respect your work’. It meant the world to me.

Anthony Turner hairdressing


≠ Do make your Instagram as interesting as possible. Take risks – don’t play it so safe.

≠ Know your references. Research as much as you can.

≠ Look at art, not just fashion... The smallest of details in a painting or illustration can inspire you to create something incredible.

≠ Indulge yourself with old techniques such as wet sets and pin curls. You might not need them so much in the salon but in session styling we rely on techniques of times gone by quite a lot!

≠ Know when to stop... Sometimes it’s hard not to want to throw everything at a hairstyle but there’s beauty in something that looks disciplined.

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