Hey, how’s it going? 

Are you pondering your path? Considering a career change? Contemplating what you want from your work life?

It’s a big question, we know. Deciding what you want to be. Who you want to be…

Whether you’re driven by creativity, inspired by innovation, passionate about people or maybe it’s your bank balance that’s the ultimate bottom line, we have an industry that ticks all the boxes...

It’s hairdressing. Have you thought about it? Trust us – it’s so cool. Okay, public perception has been a little off, but we’re here to change all that. We’re here to open your eyes to opportunity!

On this site you’re going to find the real story of what a career in hairdressing can bring, along with the many routes you can take to get qualified. You’ll hear from people who are already living the hairdressing dream: session artists travelling the world and working with Chanel, styling for Vogue and handling the hair of Gigi Hadid; salon owners running successful businesses and making tons of money; colourists painting masterpieces on the canvas of hair; and those incredible folk who transform our lives, be it by boosting our confidence or leaving us feeling, well, like us...

Hairdressing is a creative, inclusive, passionate community and we’re looking for new members.


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